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Classes Offered

 • Private, Semi-Private and Group lessons on-site: Studio, Sports Center, Corporate Office,  Your Home, Hotel Room, etc.

• Morning, Day and Evening Availability.


All services provided within greater metropolitan Tokyo area: Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama.


• Private & Semi-Private 60~90 min 8000~12000 + Transportation .

• Group (more than 5 people) 60 min 1600 & 90 min 1850/ person + Transportation.

• Corporate Yoga Class 10000 or more depending on duration + Transportation.

• Yoga Class Workshop and Training Translation 4000 or more depending on circumstance + Transportation.


(*Package Price Available-please ask via email!)

Yoga for Stress Management

 and Emotional Wellness

Yoga Instructor, 500 RYT, Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, Specialized in Therapeutic Yoga for Stress Management and Mental Health

अभ्यासवैराग्याभ्यां तन्निरोधः॥१२॥

Abhyasa vairagyabhayam tannirodhah:

Sutra I. 12



Personal History

I lived in NYC for 17 years, obtaining Master's in Forensic Psychology and working in the fields of mental health counseling and social work. Feeling constant fatigue, weight gain, muscle weakness and joints inflexibility due to lack of exercise, I began practicing yoga in 2005. Almost immediately I realized yoga helped me establish a new way of managing daily stress. However, as a person who never really exercised previously, it was difficult at first to make yoga my daily routine. Eventually I understood that yoga was truly for self-observation and self-healing, then I began practicing everyday and experiencing flexibility and strength not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.


I've completed the 500 hours teacher training from Yoga Works (200hrs completed in NYC, 300hrs completed in Tokyo); additionally I learned how to use yoga as a physical and psychological therapy tool from PURE YOGA New York and Yoga for Kids from Karma Kids' Yoga and Radiant Child Yoga in NYC. I'm certified for teaching yoga for kids from Karma Kids Yoga NYC and trained to teach yoga therapeutically to children with ADHD, Autism and those who are differently abled from Radiant Child Yoga US.



In a class setting, I teach detailed alignments to avoid any injury and improve breath and movement coordination to experience the positive mental effect from Asana. Developing awareness of how our body moves and how our breathing affects physically and mentally are main goals I would like to achieve. In a private and semi-private setting, I communicate in-depth and understand the student's conditions and expectations from yoga practice as much as possible. I try my best to provide a time and place for the student to focus on his/her body, breath and mind 100%.

Yoga and Life

How one appears in an asana pose is not important, acknowledging effort and striving for self acceptance is the true beauty of the yoga experience. Yoga reminds the individual to be mindful and grateful of one's natural surroundings and the nature within the self. Practice of asana, pranayama and meditation also help the objective self awareness and self appreciation, additionally reinforcing psychological and physical health. You will experience great joy realizing your full potential progressively through your practice.

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“We can understand the whole practice of yoga as a process of examining our habitual attitudes and behaviors and their consequences. What we can practice are asanas and pranayama, which make us aware of where we are, where we stand and how we look at things. Recognizing our mistakes is the first sign of clarity. Then gradually we try to bring about some changes in the way we show our respect to nature or relate to a friend. No one can change in a day, but yoga practices help change attitudes, our yama and niyama. It is not the other way around.”


The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V. Desikachar

Living in the World


Miho Yoshida